God Told Him at 2am, "Turn around and tell him God loves him." - Andy Frasure

Andy Frasure (testimony shared from facebook December 2013)

It's 2am and I'm almost home from a 3 hr drive from Sacramento. I had been listening to podcasts of Todd White and Kris Vallotton about identity on the way. I'm about 3 blocks from my house when I pass a guy walking down the street and the Holy Spirit tells me to turn around and tell Him God loves him....really God? It's 2am, and I'm kinda just feeling like getting home is this really you?!(you know you've been there!)

So just to make sure I'm hearing correctly, I ask if that was really Him and He says once again, "turn around and tell that guy that I love him." So I turn around and pull up to the guy and roll my passenger window down and tell him, "hey bro just wanted you to know that God loves you and has a plan and purpose for your life!"

He was shocked, and asked if I had just turned around just to tell him that. I had a quick word of knowledge about him being involved in music and doing things creatively with his hands which was true. I end up giving him a ride about a 1/2 mile down the road to his girlfriends house and talk Jesus the whole time.

The guy ends up recommitting his life to JESUS in the parking lot at his girlfriends place!! Come on Jesus!!! Ha ha ha ha In about 7 minutes God completely altered this guys life, forever!!

Moral of the story: The Holy Spirit is the GREATEST evangelist and lives in you! Listen when He speaks! I'm personally still learning to distinguish Gods voice accurately but if we're willing to listen He'll speak!