Jesus Comes to Hindu Man in Dream- He Accepts Christ and is Healed of All Depression

Wilson Santos (testimony shared from healing testimonies facebook group December 2013)

Testimony is for the glory of God
Nihit Arora

My testimony is I was in depression almost 7 yrs. I wanted to commit suicide n i was a deep devotee of Hindu god n used to worship daily as my daily routine, 1 day i got new testament unknowingly and i started reading but i didn't understand what word says but i didn't know why i decided to read daily along with my hindu god worship and i found peace in these words. Very slowly, slowly my interest about hindu god is becoming weak & i turned when i saw my Jesus in my dream but i didn't recognize him n i forgot what i saw in my dream so when i came to read revelation chapter 1 i found that the man which i saw in my dream was same as written in bible n then my eyes opened as i met the living God Jesus. 'Glory to him' so after finishing the new testament i decided to accept Jesus as my personal savior n after accepting him my life has been totally changed i receive healing from all my depression n sickness n feel the salvation now i live a peaceful life with his precious holy gifts.

Nihit Arora: I want to add one more thing into my testimony and that is i heard the clear voice of Jesus he called me by my name when i was decided to kill myself. (Before accepting Christ) All Glory and honor to God alone!