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Swine Flu Healed on Demand

(testimony shared from Greaterworksministry.com)


I remember this call like it was yesterday. It was late at night maybe 9-10pm MST. I had been at work all day a 10 hour shift, it was not long before due to go home. A distress call came in regarding two very young children both under 8 years. The sister (Kelly), in critical condition in intensive care; swine flu, doctors fearing for her life. Younger brother (Paton) also in hospital sick with same disease. The sister was the worse of the two. I heard awful fear and pain from the heart of the caller. I involuntarily pictured this baby girl in the hospital bed and started praying with a God-given boldness. There was no space in my heart for doubt, God filled me with authority and power. I inquired of the time there. Due to time-zones in the US it was an hour different. I declared for all who were listening - "this disease will leave their bodies and be gone by midnight tonight". I was VERY serious. It was an eviction notice to the enemy. I declared all signs and symptoms of this life threatening disease to disappear from both children’s bodies by midnight exactly as a testimony to the fact that this was in no way anything other than a God-miracle. Remember these children, particularly the sister, were in critical condition with no good news at this point. I told them bluntly, "Call me back tomorrow. I will be at home in a few hours. I want to hear tomorrow that they are well."

The next morning co-workers took the following message for me.

Julianne called 10.7.9

Kelly (aged 8) was hospitalized with swine flu and was fatally ill. Her brother Paton was also infected. Lyndsey prayed that by MIDNIGHT the children would be symptom free, fever gone, and strength into their bodies, etc. God answered miraculously. The fever broke at midnight and she was released from hospital today. She and her brother are now well. The whole family is rejoicing. Both children are safe.