Woman Suffered Serious Head Trauma While Pregnant But Was Healed - Paul Agnew

Paul Agnew (testimony shared from healing testimonies facebook group December 2013)

MIRACLE: Geraldine fell backwards on a frosty Christmas night and knocked herself unconscious, with a very serious head injury. She was rushed to the hospital. The family and the hospital staff feared the worst. Geraldine's mother in law Norah called by telephone in total despair, the family were in pieces as there was little response from Geraldine and she was bleeding out of her eye socket. we prayed the prayer of Faith, expecting total healing in Jesus name. Commanding Geraldine's release from the hospital completely healed in Jesus name.

After a few days the family called us back by telephone, THE SCANS ARE ALL CLEAR. No damage from any head injury to the brain at all, and NO injury to the neck or spine. Her husband John is completely SHOCKED. He saw what God did. But even more was to come, another miracle. Geraldine's blood test showed to every one's surprise that she was pregnant, and that the unborn baby is fine after this horrific experience. GOD IS GOOD, ALL THE TIME!!!!!!WOW what a miracle!!!!!!! Do you agree??? Like and share.