While Visiting Friends Healing Broke Out in the Living Room - John Allan Miller

John Allan Miller (testimony shared from facebook December 2013)

It's been a good night in Colorado. Tonight Tina and I visited friends of ours, and healing broke out in their living room!

Tina's knee used to popped all the time, and God healed that tonight. We prayed for the father, and he felt heat in his back. His back felt a little looser and a little less painful. While we were praying for him, his son felt a tingling sensation in his right shoulder. He had never got a word of knowledge before. I explained the gift of words of knowledge, and then I asked if anyone had a shoulder injury. His mom did. I had the son pray for his mom. After prayer, her shoulder was still tender, but the pain was gone! After that, she also said that she could no longer feel a spur in her foot. Jesus is good. I'm so grateful for His touch and the touch of His angels.