Cashier at Target is Given a Word of Knowledge from the Lord - Jessica Doussan Dabdoub

Jessica Doussan Dabdoub (testimony shared from facebook December 2013) (Paul Dabdoub ministry is on our connections page)

I LOVE seeing God LOVE his people :
I was checking out in Target tonight and there was a guy and his mom in front of me and he had a cast on so first thought was to pray but my immediate attention was on the cashier.
I was his last customer of the night and so I simply told him Jesus showed me he was a musician and that God blessed him with that talent.
Things are gonna start taking off and he will go places with it. He was shocked ,said 'yes he plays guitar' ...he just kept saying 'Thank you! Really ... Thank you so much' means the world to me ' ....dude was almost in tears ...I simply smiled told him Merry Christmas and left . I didn't need to say anymore because he knew Jesus just showed up, encouraged him and loved on him.

Take a minute ...slow down when your out and about and see who Jesus wants to Love on...