Teddy Bear Used as Prayer Cloth Heals Child's Heart Condition and Heart Cancer - Bethel

December.19.13 (testimony shared from Bethel website - Link is on our connections page)

In Texas, some people used a teddy bear as a kind of "prayer cloth." They prayed over it and gave it to a child with a heart condition, and the child was healed.

A lady heard the story of this healing, and under her breath, she said, "I want that for my girl." She had a five-year-old with a tumor on her heart and heart cancer. She later shared with the pastor who had prayed over the teddy bear that the child's doctor asked her, "What have you been doing differently?" She said, "Nothing. Just praying!" The doctor said, "Yeah, yeah, but that doesn't work. What have you been doing differently?" She repeated her answer, and then the doctor said, "Well the tumor is gone, and the cancer is gone! She's fine!"