No Burn or Scar Left Behind After 300 Degree Baking Splatter Hit Thumb - Diana Jamerson

Diana JamersonHealing Testimonies (testimony shared from facebook December 2013)

Just a quick testimony to give my Jesus all the GLORY! I am a baker and I was making English Toffee yesterday. While I was stirring it (it takes a lot of stirring), I accidentally flicked a chunk of the hot candy out of the pot and onto my left thumb knuckle. Now just to let you know this candy has to be brought to 300 degree temps for it to harden like it does. Right when I saw the candy hit my thumb my mind went through several thoughts in absolutely light speed, I knew that I needed to keep stirring the candy or it would stick; I also knew that even if the candy did burn me, Jesus would heal me. So I just never stopped stirring. The candy came out great and when I could stop stirring my husband immediately started hitting my thumb with prayer. It's funny because it didn't hurt at all, until he started to pray. He prayed the pain out, and that there would be absolutely no effects on my skin from this burn. My thumb pain left, and there wasn't even a blister or ANY kind of pain. I just love walking in divine health, Jesus paid the price, I'm receiving.