Man is Overwhelmed With the Reality That God has Really Big Plans For Us - Bethel

Bethel Church, Dream Culture, Redding CA (testimony shared from facebook December 2013)

Dreams Accelerated by God:
Co-founder of a substance abuse treatment center wrote down a God-dream "to stand before Congress and give them solutions to the social problems that our nation is facing."
Two months later the State Governor nominated him “one of most distinguished citizens of 2012” for his work in the substance abuse field. As a result of this nomination he was asked to speak to state legislature about the work they were doing and offer suggestions to maximize success in the non-profit sector. State legislators were genuinely impressed and confounded by the success their program compared to similar programs.
Three months after speaking to legislature he was asked to sit on a state strategic planning team. The team traveled to Baltimore to meet meet with various members of the legislature, military, Joint Chiefs, and other members of the FEDERAL (national) government. As he sat in the room sharing ideas about how to solve the social problems in the NATION, he was overwhelmed with a sense of God’s destiny and purpose over his life.
"Honestly, when I wrote that dream I did not really even have the faith to believe that it was possible. I have since been overwhelmed with the reality that God has really, really big plans for us. What an honor to dream with Him!