Heaven in Business Brings Additional Products, Territory Expanded, and More Connections - Bethel

Heaven in Business (testimony shared from facebook December 2013)

The Business of Honor:
Local Distributor signed a contract for a new product. The next day manufacturer sent a list of exclusions - cherry picked all the good accounts giving them to the previous rep. Distributor felt betrayed and manipulated. But they prayed. Then they called the manufacturer, confronted in love saying, "The deal doesn't work but we want to work out some way we work together. I'm not calling to complain but wanting mutual benefit. We believe you will make right decision. We trust your judgment."
Distributor got off phone thanking God for what He was going to do (Isa 64:4).
One week later email arrived saying manufacturer had talked to previous distributor - returning all accounts but one that will be shared with previous.
The deal had gone from conflict to collaboration. "Because you are willing to work with us and not cut us off, or cut off the previous distributor."
The next day two more emails arrived. First one was from the previous distributor saying not only will he collaborate but he had more products for distribution.
Second email was from manufacturer saying, "We don't have representation in other areas and we would like you to have them."
Result? Connection, additional products, territory expanded, doubled territory instantly!