Drug Cartels Vacate Mining Company After Prayer and Angels Help Out - Bethel

Dream Culture (testimony shared from facebook December 2013)

God contends for us:
"My dad and I own a mining company in [Latin American nation], one of the mines is located in the middle of the mountain range which is mainly controlled by the drug cartels. Recently my dad sent me an email asking for prayer and advice, cartel members had rented a piece of land right next to our mine to observe and steal our ore shipments. He did not know what to do since the government has no authority in that land. I responded that he shouldn't do anything because God would take care of the situation. Two weeks later he emailed me saying that the drug cartel members disappeared, the other cartels had taken care of them.

Later on he emailed me again asking for more advice, I felt from the Lord to tell him he should shout "wakey wakey" at the entrance of the mine tunnel, without explaining anything about it ['wake up' the angels]. He responded that he did it and when he went back to the plant, one of our mills (which is the size of a minivan) that normally its belt that is connected to the motor because of the vibration would jump out of place and cause the whole process to stop for an hour, this time it was jumping out of place and then as if a giant finger was there it would go back in to place. The workers couldn't understand what was going on."