Dog Was Given No Chance After Shattered Hip and Broken Pelvis - TGN Exclusive

  • The Greater News exclusive interview! (December 20, 2013)

  • Holly Mailhot

  • my dog was healed while living in Redding as well when my friends from school of ministry prayed for her. She completely shattered her hips and broke her pelvis. The vets didn't expect her to recover very well even after performing multiple surgeries with a specialist. However, all we did was pray (several people) and she was walking after 6 days and running after 6 weeks. She lived another 6 years and was able to run until 12 years old when she passed away. Her name was Hope!
  • these pictures were taken only a few weeks before she passed away at age 12, 6 years after the accident. She was a Doberman. Who was also a certified therapy dog (she did therapy work in the nursing home and with children over the years) in addition she was a show dog with several titles mainly in obedience. I have a video of her doing obedience a couple years ago which would have been after her accident. I guess, I would like to add that I felt like my only option was to put her down after the accident because the surgeries would have cost around 10,000 and she still wouldn't have had a lot of mobility according to the vet after the surgeries. He thought best case scenario she would be able to walk short distances. So really he didn't have much hope for Hope! However I didn't feel peace about putting her down just yet so that is when we brought her home and prayed for her. My husband and I prayed as well as friends that I went to school of ministry with and neighbors. Hope was a very loved dog by all who knew her. Since I still show dogs I often think God may have given me this testimony to share with dog people. Thanks!!

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