Trauma of Bad Fall and Loss of Teeth are Broken Off - El Cajon Healing Rooms

Last evening I received prayer at the El Cajon Healing Rooms.  On 5 April I was in Pasadena, CA attending a Christian conference and I took a bad fall breaking my right ankle and foot in 3 places.  Infection set in preventing me from being casted until 29 April.  A few days after the accident two of my permanent teeth broke off at the gum line for no apparent reason, likely because of the trauma of the fall I took in Pasadena so I had to have 2 emergency root canals, 2 steel posts put in the canals and crowns attached which left me with a lot of nerve pain from the trauma of all the pounding to my jaw.  As the Healing Rooms team was praying for me last night, they broke the trauma of both accidents off of me and prayed against the pain.  I immediately felt the tension wash out of my body and last evening I slept all night for the first time since April 5th. 

Also the 2 teeth I had emergency dental have been extremely sensitive with a lot of shooting nerve pain but this morning when I brushed my teeth that terrible sensitivity and pain was no longer there.  I thank the Healing Rooms team for hearing the voice of God and praise the Lord for His healing and keeping power.  Thank You, Jesus, for your sacrifice on Calvary's Cross that brings healing and wholeness to us.  All praise to His Holy Name.

Suzanne 5-01-13