Dentists and Prayer Combat Infected Tooth and Fear - El Cajon Healing Rooms

I came into the El Cajon Healing Rooms for prayer for my infected tooth. The tooth had been previously patched up when I accidently bit on a rock inside some rice while on a trip to Brazil and when I got back to the states a crown was applied. Now the tooth was badly infected and I did not want the tooth pulled nor have to pay the horrendous price for dental work in San Diego, so I decided to trust God and take my chances in Mexico. The dentist removed the crown but the tooth was so infected they were unable to do a root canal and the pain was so unbearable the dentist just packed the tooth with antibiotics, gave me oral antibiotics and told me to come back in a week and they would see if they could save the tooth. The experience was so painful that I allowed fear to come in so I came to get prayer for my tooth and the spirit of fear which was trying to tell me I was going to die. When I returned to Mexico everything went perfect, with pain under control and the dentists were able to finish the root canal and save the tooth. The dentists were amazed and I told them I had gotten prayer for my fear and my infected tooth. They responded by saying "we believe in prayer". I went back for a follow-up appointment and told me they had documented the work on my tooth in their records showing what they were able to do with the help of prayer. Thank You, Lord, for your faithfulness to me.

 Judy 11-19-13