Group of Students Bless and Pray for People at Mall - Bethel

December.17.13 (testimony shared from Bethel website- Link is on our connections page)

A BSSM outreach team went to the mall to bless people. Here is their testimony:

We split up into small groups and went to two different people in two different stores to bless them with a gift. Holy Spirit highlighted specific people and everyone who was highlighted was blessed immensely. One of them was a young man in a department store. God had highlighted the shoe section to our group. One of us in our group was drinking a Starbucks but intensely wanting to bless a person with a $5 gift card. At this point, we still were unsure who we should bless, but Holy Spirit did the work for us. The young man in charge of the shoe section walked right up to us and jokingly said, "Oh! You bought me a Starbucks?!" That's when we knew he was the one we should bless. This young man was waiting on a phone call from his wife who was in the hospital in labor with their first child. Even though we didn't feel led to pray over him, we were able to bless him with the Starbucks gift card. He was absolutely blessed and shocked. Overall, we blessed people not only in gifts but also in prayers all over the mall. It was a great day of God's goodness!