God said, "Stop there. I want to Heal a person in that house." - Bethel

December.18.13 (testimony shared from Bethel website - Link is on our connections page)

Obedience to Holy Spirit is everything. I was tired from a long day and ready for some food, and I drove past what looked like the worst, most run down, old house covered in cobwebs and skulls for Halloween, and God said, "Stop there. I want to heal a person in that house." In faith alone, I drove back past the house, and walked up to the door. Two huge dogs went nuts at me, and I yelled, "Is anyone home?" An older lady walked to the front, and said, "Who are you?" I told her why I came to the door, and in shock, she said, "Yes, please pray. I have two destroyed hips and bursitis. Also, I'm in terrible pain all the time and am on heavy painkillers." I prayed for 30 seconds and commanded infirmity to flee her body.

Well to my shock, all the pain, I mean ALLLLLL the agonizing pain was completely gone. She was able to move her hips like Elvis and was praising God loudly at the front of her place. Once again, I am deeply humbled by the effects of simply saying yes to Jesus. —Ben Fitzgerald