Drinking Viet Nam Veteran Encounters the Love of God - Bethel

December.18.13 (testimony shared from Bethel website - Link is on our connections page)

Last week while on a prayer walk, Ben Fitzgerald went to speak to three men near the City Hall at the baseball field. He said, "God loves you." The first guy said, "Get away from us. We're drinking." He answered, "Eleven years ago, when I was 20, Jesus Christ saved me when I was a drug dealer. I don't care about your alcohol."

The man answered, "What did God say to you?"

Ben said, "Jesus called me 'son' when I was a drug dealer. He loves us like that before we even know Him."

Then the man started to get tears in his eyes and asked, "What does God think of Viet Nam veterans?"

Ben said, "My mentor in Australia was a Viet Nam vet. He's seen people blown to pieces, and all those images caused him to be filled with anger and rage, and he became an alcoholic. And Jesus set him free in one moment."

The man began to cry and couldn't stop. He put his head down. He put the bottle down. One of the other men got angry and left. The other opened his heart, weeping.

The first stood up and looked in Ben's eyes and said, "You're telling me the truth, right?"

Ben said yes.

"I'm coming to church with you!"

The other asked him to pray for him and said, "You're the most positive person I have talked to in three years."