Children Layed Hands on Sick Dog and It Gets Up Instantly Healed - Bethel

Bethel Church, Dream Culture, Redding CA (testimony shared from facebook December 2013)

Dog healed:
My wife was at Sunday night service and one of the girls came in my room as I was on the computer and said the dog just defecated, urinated and vomited and is not moving. I went out to see our dog just laying in the vomit. I called her, pet her, no response. She was breathing, but no response. I lifted her up to see if she would stand and come to but no. I text my wife and mentioned it and encouraged her to come home.

She text back that Eric Johnson just shared a testimony of a family who’s dog had an intestinal problem and was very sick. The children laid hands on the dog and he went outside and passed what was in his intestines. She asked me to have our children lay hands on the dog and pray and she’d come home. I told the testimony of the other dog to our three daughters and asked them to lay hands on the dog and pray. I waited a moment and then went into the other room and called the dog again and she got up instantly, came right over and wagging her tail and has been great since. Jesse E, Redding, CA