Word of Knowledge Brings Salvations in Australia - Chris Overstreet - Bethel

December.12.13 (testimony shared from Bethel website - link is on our connections page)

Chris Overstreet led three evangelism conferences in Australia. He sent his interns to a youth group, and one had a word of knowledge that "there was a cow in the field." He was not sure whether to give that word because it sounded a little strange. But he did, and it turns out that someone recently had a dream of a cow in the field. He had told his friend, "I had a dream of a cow in the field." He wasn't born again yet at that point. He and two others gave their hearts to the Lord when they heard the word of knowledge. One night, Chris Overstreet felt the Lord wanted to baptize people in the Spirit. The power of God began to grip people, and they were shaken with the power of God. One was his intern, Philippe. The following day they led 12 people to the Lord.