Multiple Sclerosis Healed and Woman Pushes Wheelchair Out on Her Own - Bethel

December.12.13 (testimony shared from Bethel Church website-link is on our connections page)

A lady came to the Healing Rooms in a wheelchair with a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. For the last 19 weeks, she couldn’t walk and hasn’t been able to feel her hands. Her pain level in her hips, hands, arms and legs was 11, she said (out of 10). As the prayer servants prayed, she started looking up and crying out to Jesus and decided to let go of a lot of pain and rejection regarding a relative of hers. As she did, she “felt that letting go feeling,” and the pain began to leave. She can now stand on her own, all pain is gone, and she walked out pushing her wheelchair. She’s so thankful for how the Lord has given her life back to her, and is eager to forgive her relative.