Gall Bladder and Pancreas Healed at Bethel Healing Rooms - Doctor Verified

December.10.13 (testimony shared from Bethel Church website/link is on our connection page)

I was healed one year and a half ago now. God has been so good to me. I was diagnosed with a gall bladder full of stones and a possible mass on the pancreas. I had already been sent to a specialist, and they were speaking of surgery and more tests. I said, "I have to go away for the weekend." (My leaving had been planned a month prior to this report.) I said to the surgeon, "I will contact you when I get back." I went to Bethel for the weekend with a friend and had a great time. I went to the Healing Rooms while I was there on Saturday, and I knew Saturday afternoon I was feeling better. When I got home, I made the appointment with the surgeon. He took more tests and found nothing at all. I testified at Bethel and even had the doctors' records with me. I just want to give God all the praise and honor and glory. He is still doing the miraculous.