Kid on Crystal Meth Drug Gets Baptized in The Holy Spirit - Joshua Trent

Joshua Trent (testimony shared from facebook Healing Testimonies group December2013)

Did you know that kids "iced out" on Crystal Meth can get baptized in The Holy Spirit? A 20 year old named Sandoval just did about an hour ago...where the only people walking the streets of Los Angeles at 3:30 in the morning are the Devil or God: so I was walking to my friends house in the 'hood and I asked this young man who had been walking behind me for about 5 minutes for directions, afterwards he began telling me all his life problems and pulled a bottle of Skyy Vodka out of his pants and offered me some, anyways he had just got "iced out" on Meth and was on his way to get more Crystal Meth from his friend...I told him about Jesus and the ecstasy of God, then we stopped right there on the street and he threw his bottle of vodka into the garbage can and we prayed and he repented and gave his life to Jesus, then I released the Baptism of The Holy Spirit to him and he spoke in tongues, as he began to be set free he mentioned that he didn't have a father and that all he ever wanted was to be accepted by his dad. I explained to him that he now has a Father in heaven and he began crying, I hugged him really tight and released the Father's love and affection to Sandoval, then I gave him one of my gemstones from heaven as a supernatural Sign of Gods love. PLEASE pray guys for Sandoval! I am the foremost sinner, it is only God that is good! He is Faithful and True, the Beginning and The End.