Jesus Heals Gangrenous Leg in Dream - Bethel

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Jesus heals in a dream:
Man kicked in thigh by a mule. Leg became gangrenous to the point of needing amputation. Wound was horrific, badly bandaged and man was due to go into hospital for amputation. The night before he fell asleep and had a dream. In the dream he woke to see Jesus at the foot of his bed, smiling, holding a scalpel. While still smiling, Jesus walked over, cut off the bed clothes and filthy bandage. He then began to clean out all the gangrenous material in the wound and somehow washed it with water. The man felt no pain. Jesus, still smiling, then sutured up the wound and disappeared. In the morning the man was woken by son who was came in to take him to the hospital. As man stood up he noticed his bandages were clean and remembered the dream, telling it to his son. They went in to the hospital for the appointment to amputate the leg. When the doctors removed the bandages they found a clean wound with the most beautiful suturing they had ever seen. No amputation necessary.