Hearing Restored and More - Tom Fischer

Testimony shared from Tom Fischer website: http://www.tomff7.blogspot.com/

I have noticed that whenever I go somewhere away from the immediate area where I live, amazing healing situations are brought about.  This is biblical because we are told to go.  Jesus said, "Let us go into the next towns, that I may preach there also:  For therefore came I forth."-Mark 1:38. Even though Jesus did minister healing in his hometown, he was limited because they were familiar with him.  Not many people in your hometown may be familiar with you, but I tend to think the familiarity issue would eventually develop.  There seems to be a greater expectation when your outside of your familiar surroundings.  I have also noticed that training people one on one tends to lead us into really cool situations and perhaps there is extra favor to display awesome power in order to encourage a brand new believer.