Little 8 Year Old Girl is Healed and Runs Around Her Wheelchair - Scot Pearson


One Sunday in September, I woke up and heard clearly that God was going to do something extraordinary that day. I did not know what that meant. 

I went to church and prayed for people (I direct the Healing Rooms in my church and another one also in Denver). I saw cool stuff, but knew that wasn't it.

That afternoon, I went to a wedding thinking it would be there, but it wasn't.

Heading back to a meeting that night, I had some time, so I went by a mall to pray for people in wheelchairs. I thought that was what I was going to do.

I found five people, but two wouldn't let me pray for them. I prayed for three of them, and nothing happened that I know. I was bummed out. I sat down in a chair by the food court and realized I was tired, so I dozed off and took a nap. Someone woke me up. It was a Catholic priest. He asked if he could sit down because he had something to share with me.

He introduced me to a gentleman with a little girl in a wheelchair. They were from Honduras and were visiting the United States. The night before at mass, the man had had a vision. The Lord said, "If you go to the mall, near the food court you will find a man asleep wearing a tan shirt with green leaves on it and wearing sandals. He will pray for your daughter, and she will be healed."

That is exactly what I was wearing—and I was asleep. The priest explained to me that the girl had fallen out of a tree when she was four and had broken her hip and several places in her leg. They were in a rural area, so she received no medical attention, so it healed badly.  Some time later, they went to the city, and a doctor looked at it. There was nothing he could do because it had healed wrong. She is eight now. It had been four years.

After he spoke that, the presence of God hit me, and sweat was dripping down my face. My shirt was soaking wet. It was like walking into a furnace. I grabbed the little girl's hands and laid hands on her and prayed a 30-second prayer: "In Jesus' name, be healed." I asked the priest to ask the dad to ask the daughter to stand up on her good leg so we could test it.

I don't know what happened in the translation, but the little girl got up on her bad leg completely healed! She was running around with a huge smile on her face. It was so much fun to watch her running around. Her dad was bawling. I was crying.

One of the things I thought was really cool is that they had come to the mall right after mass on Sunday. They had been there for four hours. The dad would not leave.
—Scot Pearson, Denver