Third Grade Child Gives Prophetic Card Giving a Teacher a Message From God - Bethel

TGN shared from Bethel website (link is on our connections page)

A man from Oregon teaches a class on learning to understand and operate in the gifts of the Holy Spirit. In one of the classes, he teaches about praying in tongues with all your heart for 8 to 10 seconds and then quietly listening to God. Doing this repeatedly, he teaches, is a key for opening the door to operating in the gifts of the Holy Spirit. His illustration is that our lives are like a chalkboard that gets all covered up with so many things.

God wants us to walk in communion with Him continually. There are different ways to connect with the Lord. He teaches that one of them for him is praying in tongues with all his heart and then listening. It's like erasing the chalkboard so He can speak a clear "rhema" word from heaven.

Imagine his joy when he sat down in the sanctuary to find a card from a third grade girl named Ava that read: "I saw that God gave you an eraser to erase all the bad things that have happened in the past." The card contained a stick figure erasing a chalkboard.