Prophetic Card Impacted Woman Greatly with a Picture of a Big Spider - Bethel

At a conference this week at Bethel, the Bethel Christian School children placed on each seat a card containing a prophetic word and art piece from them. Here is a testimony:

A woman received a prophecy from a little child about a spider. The child had drawn a big spider and written that it represented fear and not to be afraid because the spider is very little and God is bigger than the spider, which means He's bigger than your fears. The woman has a missions network and travels around the world, bringing teams. Last year she was in Liberia, and one night in her bedroom, she saw "a little hairy thing" sticking out from behind a curtain. She pulled the curtain back, and there was a frightening spider the size of her hand with fangs. She heard the Lord say, "You get a shoe, and you kill that."

She said, "What if I miss, and what if I don't kill him?"

The Lord said, "You kill him the first time. Don't get him mad. Don't use your flip-flop. Use your shoe."

She was afraid, but she took her shoe and killed it. The spider bounced off the wall and landed on the ground and shrunk to around the size of a walnut.

The Lord said, "That is like the devil. He will blow himself up to be a big thing. But in reality, when he is hit, he goes down to his normal size. Do not be afraid of him." Receiving the word from the child brought her back to the memory of that spider in her room, and it gave her so much courage to move forward in the things that the Lord has for her in her next assignments. She was so touched at God's tender way of saying, "I'm really with you."

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