God's Power Heals Vertigo Long Distance and Doctor Verifies It - Bethel


My husband and I came from Texas to visit Bethel Church for the weekend. We came to the Healing Rooms on October 25, 2014, to receive prayer for my gallbladder. On the way to the church in the morning (8:30 a.m.), I prayed for a friend back in Texas to receive healing, who had been experiencing serious vertigo since a horse riding accident in June. When we got to the church, we filled out the paperwork for the Healing Rooms and waited in the waiting room. A Bethel healing team came in to explain the course of the morning. As the young woman started to explain things, she said that God showed her that morning that He wanted to heal those with vertigo. "Vertigo" was the first thing to be called out that morning. There were two people who suffered from it, and the team prayed immediately for the healing. I stood in the gap for my friend and said, "Lord, I receive this for my friend back in Texas!" I just knew in my spirit that she was healed. I felt something pulse straight from my feet to my head.

A few hours later, I texted her and asked her how her vertigo was right at that moment. I did not tell her what I had prayed or what happened at Bethel. She texted me back saying it was completely gone and that it had left that morning! Then I texted back, telling her everything that had happened that morning on the way to Bethel and at Bethel with "vertigo" being called out first thing. She was speechless.

The following Tuesday, 28th, she went to the doctor for her vertigo. The doctor did everything he could to induce a state of vertigo so he could see what was going on. There was no sign of vertigo. He said, "Well, looks like it corrected itself." To this day, my friend is vertigo free! We all are praising God for this "long distance" healing.

*TGN shared from Bethel website: http://www.ibethel.org/testimonies/2014/11/05/long-distance-healing-of-vertigo