Wrist is Healed Which Led to Her Salvation - TGN Exclusive

This testimony was submitted to The Greater News Nov 5th, 2013:

An amazing miracle just happened not an hour ago! I was at a bus stop with a young girl who was in her final year of high school, and I felt it on my heart to ask if she had anything I could pray for. I felt some tension in my lower back and back in my upper back, so I thought that was a prompting. I asked about it, and it turned out she didn't have a problem in her back but her wrist was recovering from a break when she was a child. She couldn't move it properly and had pain in it.

As I explained that God heals people, she became more than willing to receive prayer. As I prayed, she felt a slight tingling in her wrist and the pain left completely... then I asked about what she couldn't do and as she tried to do it, she found that her wrist had been completely restored! Thank you Jesus! I then explained that God healed her because He loves her, and that He wants to know her. She said she goes to a Christian school but she had just moved into town, and nothing like this had happened before, even though she had seen it happen to others. After I explained the gospel to her, she decided to give her heart to the Lord. I led her in prayer as she confessed her faith in Jesus Christ and chose to follow Him as Lord. Then she was willing to receive the Holy Spirit, so I prayed for a manifestation of His presence in her. She felt an unusual peace and joy, and later said that this moment which was not even 10 minutes, had made her day. Praise God for His healing hand and saving another soul! Hallelujah!!!