Gold Fish Raised from the Dead in Front of the Kids!

“Michael Addis of Columbus, Ohio said, “I am not a fisherman, but I now have my own ‘fish story’ from God.” On Labor Day evening, he promised his youngest son they would get a couple more fish for their aquarium. Ten minutes after he released the fish into the tank, one went belly up. His seven-year-old son was very upset. Michael said, “Ian, it’s OK. That will be my fish.” Five minutes later, the fish was still floating. His wife said, “Maybe we should flush him down the toilet.” Michael said, “No, I still have my receipt. Maybe we can get our money back.”

Then righteous anger rose up in him, and he said, “In the name of Jesus Christ, live!” And he touched the fish and it jolted up and across the tank. Two of the kids saw it happen.