Metal Screws in Back Cannot Be Found After Prayer - Sam Jones

Sam Jones - November 2013

I ended up at a small home group Sunday night full of people who didn't really know the Holy Spirit, but were trying to learn more about him. At the end I got to pray for a guy with pain in his shoulders. I prayed for one and it was healed, and then had one of the guys for the group pray for the other one, and it was healed too! The guy totally freaked out and couldn't believe what just happened! Then he told me he had back pain, and had screws in his back. I prayed for him, and pain left immediately. Then I had his wife (who had never prayed for healing) pray and command the screws to dissolve. He felt for  them, and they were no where to be found! Ha! Jesus is so good. Holy Spirit rocked the house that night