Gymnists Arm is Healed - Regie Pfeiffer

Regie Pfeiffer November 2013

Just picked up Paige from her gymnastics. One of her gym buddies still had a sore arm from country championships. So I offered to pray for it as I had been speaking with her mother. I then asked the girl to test it out and do a cartwheel. About 7 or 8 girls were watching and she then did a happy dance. When I was LAYing hands on her I asked if she felt anything, and she told me she could feel tingling in her finger tips. As I walked out of the gym I said to the mother that I am a spirit-filled Christian and in the book of Matthew it says that believers shall preach the gospel, cast out demons, LAY hands on the sick and they shall recover.My Jesus just saved them from a trip to the physio.