Scoliosis Healing at Oak Tree Ministries - Bill Irwin

Dear Friends of Oak Tree Ministries - November 2013

We've maintained in our ministries over and over that we don't want people just to have a knowledge about God, but that we owe them an experience with Him.  I want to share some portions of an email I received just a few days ago (it's been edited some to help protect the individual's privacy ...)

I had an incredible healing Thursday night - with all going on it was my back :-)  I think God wants me to know He is real and confirmed it.

When I arrived I was there for my son, I signed in too ... He was called in and then it was my turn ...  wonderful and kind ladies.  As we were talking they mentioned about how God had shared ... that someone was coming in with back problems - I had put on the questionnaire that I had scoliosis and that was why I came - ok - it was the only thing I could think of and had never thought of asking God for healing - but I wanted my son to feel like I was there for a purpose.  

As ... began to pray it was lovely and encouraging and right on regarding the dark blanket around me.  Then ... asked if she could pray for my back and as she started praying and touching my horrible lower portion of my back I could physically feel the lower back being stretched out as if a balloon was being inflated deep inside me- pushing out the bones to their rightful position.  It was incredible!  I rang the bell - God was healing me!!!  I slept for the first time in decades with out holding my breath as I moved.  Am I completely healed - not yet - is the pain cut by 70% - yes!!!  Is God real - yes!!!!