Follower of Sikhism Experiences the Love of God Watching Someone Be Healed - Bethel

Bethel Church DreamCulture Redding - Testimony shared from facebook

Sikh Hotel owner experienced the love of God (Redding, Ca, HIB lunch). Sikh business woman watched her newspaper man's limp get healed by a student. She responded, "How can I not believe after I have seen it with my own eyes." She has since invited a Heaven in Business team to come and pray with her in her business. She was greatly touched when they released the love of the Father. Bigger miracle in progress.

****What is a sikh: A Sikh (/siːk/ or /sɪk/; Punjabi: ਸਿੱਖ, sikkh [sɪkkʰ]) is a follower of Sikhism, a monotheistic religion that originated in the 15th century in the Punjab region.