Demon Cast Out Via Skype Prayer Meeting - Rock Mcilvain

Rock Mcilvain - Testimony shared from facebook - November 2013

A good friend of mine from Pakistan called me and asked me to minister to a friend’s wife. She has been sick for a year with pain throughout her entire body. The day I ministered to her some things didn’t seem right to me. Meaning she told me that she felt peace but she had not regained any movement in the right side of her body. She couldn’t walk or use her arm and had extreme headaches. So we decided to set up a Skype session for the next day. This would be the first time that we were face to face. Immediately she closed her eyes and would turn from me. When I started ministering to her she started manifesting. She would scream in pain and they would leave. At times she couldn’t speak even though she tried. This twenty eight year old school teacher was being tortured. For two hours I ministered to her. There are a lot more details that I could share but the thing is this lady was set completely free by the power of the Holy Spirit. Everything changed and it was evident that something amazing just happened. She started smiling and said that they were all gone and Jesus was in the room holding her hand! She will return on Dec.1st and resume her role as a school teacher and with an amazing testimony to share! She received 100% healing in that moment! You know, we get to minister to people in a way that can really impact lives and not because we have to but because we get to because of what Jesus Christ did for us. This wonderful lady is a wife, a mother and also a teacher. She now has a normal life again and I assure you that her testimony of the power of God will touch many lives around her!