TGN Testimony Back Healed at Balboa Park, San Diego, CA

TGN Exclusive Testimony - November 23rd, 2013

There was an all day worship event called The Sound of Judah Arising in Balboa Park, San Diego CA. Several ministries in San Diego joined forces for this weekend event.

Rolando came to Cloud 9 Worship Center's tent for prayer. He had back pain that he said was unbearable, but after prayer it went away. He said, "It feels like Bengay ointment on my back."

TGN-The Greater News reports on miracles happening around the world and we were on the scene to get first hand account of what happened only minutes earlier.

Jill and Brae were able to speak the love of the Father into him after video recording this amazing testimony. He wanted to know how we knew things about him. Rolando stayed all day at the event and confirmed his relationship with Jesus with us.
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