Painful Crippling Spinal Injury and More Healed and Woman Runs - John Mellor

John Mellor - Shared from facebook and Youtube - November 2013

This lady came to a healing seminar on Saturday painfully hobbling on a walking stick with her arm in a sling suffering a 30 year old spinal and hip injury . The spinal pain was 24/7 for all that time and she had developed fibromyalgia as well! She had also fallen and broken both knees 4 years previously and has also recently fallen over and damaged her shoulder! After teaching about 'how to heal the sick' I called her up to demonstrate what I was teaching. After prayer all chronic pain left her shoulder and spine and she took her sling off and cast away her walking stick and ran up and down the church and then around the church car park!!! She came back to the next two meetings testifying about her amazing miracle.