4 Buddhists at Balboa Park, San Diego, Encounter Jesus - Paul Dabdoub

Paul Dabdoub Ministries - November 24th, 2013 (testimony shared from his website which is found on our TGN connections page)

Yesterday, we were asked to bring our spiritual readings(prophetic)/healing tent to Balboa Park while a Christian event was going on in Balboa Park.

The very place where the event was going on was the site where Aimee Semple McPherson’s healing ministry was launched. We were super excited to be there to reach out to the curiosity seekers who were passing by and through the outdoor event.

Lots of stuff happened – healings, etc., and I haven’t even gotten the chance to hear all the stuff from our team members.

Best story for me personally was a group of 4 Buddhists who stumbled upon us. They were so intrigued that we could hear from God and about healing.

One by one, God gave us some crazy downloads about them – stuff that was just cutting straight to their hearts. Each one just melted under the love of God. Two of them were crying; another one was pretty close. For brevity, I won’t give details of the words, but they went deeper than we even realized.

One of the ladies – the matriarch of the group – said, “I don’t understand it. I’m very logical. I’m a chemist, so I think very logically about everything that’s presented to me. But as soon as you started speaking I felt this presence, and then I realize that I have tears streaming down my cheeks.”

And we said, “That’s the encounter with Jesus. And that’s what we live for is to bring people into an encounter with Him.”

We asked if we could pray a blessing over them and the presence of God came even stronger. One of the ladies was instantly healed of shoulder pain.

Afterwards we explained that we’re not gifted readers or healers. This is the result of relationship with God through Jesus. And that the Presence they are feeling right now is what He’s offering them permanently. And that we understand how some of the teachings are similar between different religions, but that Jesus came because God actually wanted us personally. And rather than just praying or trying to do the right thing, God actually wants us to have access to Him personally and to know Him.

At the end, we got to share contact info. You always want to see someone come fully into relationship when you’re that close and His presence is so strong. But Holy Spirit does a good job with people in process. And it’s so important not to overstep Him by just trying to get someone to pray the prayer.

We’ll keep you posted as we hear more from these guys.

Jesus is really, really good! (below is a picture of the actual tent we set up and me ministering to another person)