Woman's Leg Grows Out and She Stands Level for the First Time in Her Life - Bethel

Bethel Church DreamCulture Redding - Testimony shared from Facebook - November 2013

Miracles in the park (UK) : Group of Jesus followers setup a tent in a park in town center of Southampton, England. They gathered people from the park saying "If you've never seen a miracle, come close and watch." A woman in her early 20's had one leg shorter than the other to the extent that all her shoes on one side had been adjusted so she could walk evenly. Team commanded leg to grow (she kept her shoes on). Everybody watched. They then got her to stand up and she stood wonky with one side well over an inch higher than the other. She then took her shoes off and stood weeping, perfectly level for the first time in her life.

 Richard Larcombe.