Iranian Man Challenges Bethel Team in UK and Gives His Life to Jesus - Bethel

Bethel Church DreamCulture Redding - Testimony shared from facebook - November 2013

Miracles in the park (UK) : Group of Jesus followers setup a tent in a park in town center of Southampton, England.

A man then grabbed microphone saying he was from Iran. He didn't believe in God or Allah or Jesus and he hated religion - that was why he left Iran. However, he had pain in knee's that was stopping him from running. "I have doctors appointment next week so I will know if this is real." Team prayed and all his pain left. He said "Well, you do have power…. but how do I know this is not just mind over matter?" Team then talked about Jesus the healer and invited anyone to receive Jesus the Healer as their Lord and Savior. Man from Iran responds saying "Tonight is the first time I have wanted God."