Cancerous Masses on Uterus Disappear on Ultrasound Screen in Front of Doctor - Bethel

Bethel Church DreamCulture Redding

Woman who believes cancer is illegal, discovered she had five large masses on her uterus. She went into her surgeon for a pre-op checkup. He waved the ultrasound(?) wand over her body confirming the five large masses, live on screen. Surgeon pointed them out to her and saying the only option is a full hysterectomy.

“See them here?” He began to go over them a second time pointing them out to her. As he pointed to the first one it literally disappeared on the screen. Surprised he went to the next one. It then disappeared under his ‘waving.’ One by one they each disappeared as he attempted to point them out. Flustered he changed the equipment but they could no longer find ANY masses. Finally he said “There is absolutely no need for you or I to be here. Go home.” Now, three years later, there is are no masses and cancer remains illegal.