God of Moses Gives Power to Cross Flooded River in Africa - Bethel

Bethel Church, Dream Culture, Redding CA - November 2013

Woman hears God say to do a crusade in a certain location (Africa with Rheinhard Bonke, 2012). She takes a team of local people with her. They are stopped by a river that is in flood with no crossing. She is puzzled “But God, you said…?”

Next thing one of the local people (who does not speak English) walks up to her and in perfect English says “The God of Moses is with you.” A spirit of faith comes on her and she goes back to the vehicle telling the man behind the steering wheel, “Just drive!” He says “No.” She repeats “Just drive over the river!” He again refuses. The third time she says, “The God of Moses is with us!”

The spirit of faith jumped on him and he gunned the engine and THEY DROVE STRAIGHT OVER THE RIVER. And the crusade was highly successful for the Kingdom!