Business Grows Instantly After Releasing Peace - Bethel Dream Culture

Bethel Church, Dream Culture, Redding CA - Testimony shared from Facebook page- November 2013

A few weeks after returning from New York to California, we got to take another team into a local business that was expanding their premises. In the process, they were concerned about the higher overhead and staffing requirements involved. We repeated some testimonies of what God had been doing in business and then walked throughout the building releasing “Peace to this house.” As we were about to leave, the CEO received a phone call from one of his staff. He intently listened, then asked the staff person to repeat what he just said so he could put it on speakerphone. We all heard that the company had just been contacted by a business requesting a quote on 25–100 mechanical panels per month. When we asked what this meant, the CEO replied, “Currently we are doing 3–5 per YEAR!” He ended the call and said, "This is stupid," with a big grin on his face. Next, he busted out his “happy dance” moves. "I’m going back to the office and they will all know—they knew what we were doing over here. Some of them will say, ‘That is so God.’ Others will be thinking, ‘That is spooky.’"