3 Year Old Boy Needed Surgery for Testicles But Was Healed From Prayer Cloth - John Mellor

John Mellor - November 2013 (testimony taken from John Mellor facebook page)

This lady had a 3 year old son who suffered from undescended testes and her paediatric surgeon recommended surgery to rectify the problem. In faith she brought me a tissue to pray over for her son to be healed. She later placed the tissue under the boy's pillow and believed God for a miracle. When she took her son for his next appointment the surgeon was surprised that the testes had descended and no surgery was needed. That was two years ago!! We see a lot of miracles happen through prayer clothes! Jesus heals in so many ways!! listen to the clip and be encouraged!! By the way the Mum was also healed of a pituitary gland malfunction, chronic sciatica pain and shortsightedness.