Car Accident Broke Her C1 Which Usually Results In Death But Jesus Had Different Plans - Bethel - Bill Johnson


A woman was in a terrible car accident in 2009. The car flipped several times, and she broke her C1, which is a very serious injury usually resulting in death, yet her healing progressed quickly. The Lord was touching her, and she was doing neck exercises. Then she digressed significantly in 2011. She had terrible back pain and couldn't bend over. She would have to have physical therapy and eventually get shots in her back. Over three months, she was not getting better. She could not do some of the physical therapy exercises because of the terrible pain she was in her C1, and she did not have full mobility in her neck. She could not lift her head up and was wearing a posture brace. In 2011, Bill Johnson had a word of knowledge for head trauma caused by a terrible accident. She stood up and moved her neck to the side. People around could hear it pop. Her doctor, who was with her, removed her brace. She had immediate full mobility. She was able to move without pain. The doctor said her muscles felt completely normal. She woke up the next day without pain. She used her flags because she is a dancer. Before, when she used her flags, she would be out and have to stay on the couch. She went to her physical therapy appointment and did every exercise she couldn't do before. The therapist said she was healed and cancelled the rest of her appointments. She got pregnant two weeks later. When her pastor shares this testimony, people receive healings of neck injuries.