Over a Thousand Gallons of Water Miraculously Appears After Prayer - Bill Irwin

September 2013

Our friend Bev was down at our cabin (Humboldt County) last time we were there (Sept), deeply concerned over their water situation.  They were running out of water in their water tanks.  They have two water tanks...one of them holds 1,200 gallons ( the other one is a 500 gallon tank).  

Bev/Rob had not taken a shower or washed clothes in weeks.  They needed to save their pond water for their steers.....but as they started to get desperate for water....they tried to transfer some pond water to the tanks.  The transfer failed....they did not get a drop of water from the pond.  When Bev came down for church, we all prayed over her water situation. They had 2 days worth of water left.  The creek had dried up. We offered for them to take showers and do laundry at our place.  They took us up on the laundry offer. 

Bev and Rob went to the creek to review their dire situation.  Rob said, "It's hopeless, we are simply out of water.  There is nothing more we can do".  There are hoses that go into the tanks from the creek.  But with the creek bed dry, there was no water going into the tanks.  Bev stayed behind to pray to God.  She said, "God, this is such a simple fix for you ....you can do anything.  You say for us to come to you in ALL situations, no matter how big or small.  Lord, I am asking you to fix our water situation."  She said she left in total peace.

The next morning, Bev went back to the creek.  The creek bed was still dry.....but BOTH of her water tanks were OVER FLOWING with water!!!!!  God had answered her prayer!  She was speechless.  Rob said, "This is totally impossible.  Only God could have done this.  This is a miracle".  Even if the creek bed had been filled with water overnight and water coming through the hoses to the tanks, it would have taken days  to fill those tanks!  He asked, Bev...."Bev did you pray"?  She said she did.  She stayed behind that night specifically to pray to God over their situation.  And He answer her prayer in a huge and mighty way indeed!!!!!

What is extra cool about this situation, in my opinion, is that God had both of the water tanks overflowing.....had He not had them overflowing, they probably would not have looked at the gauges  which would have shown that the tanks were full....as there was no point to look at the gauges when the creek was dry and they already knew they were down

to 2 days left of water.  Even if they had looked at the gauges, they would not have believed the gauges when the creek was dry.  Plus, with the water overflowing from the top of the tanks...what an incredible, awesome, and speechless sight that was....to truly witness the power of God!!!!

God's promises are true!!!!  We CAN count on him for our provisions.....we have not because we ASK not....well, Bev asked and she RECEIVED!!!!