Meniscus Tear, Misdiagnosed Surgery, and Years of Pain Healed - Bill Irwin

(Bill Irwin) Dear Friends of Oak Tree Ministries -

The woman who came in limped a bit as she walked, and her right knee was visibly swollen beneath her slacks, pressing out against the material enough to stretch it.  She'd had a meniscus tear 10 years before, and it had been misdiagnosed.  The doctor did surgery, based on his misdiagnosis, and it hadn't worked and left her in constant pain.  Before her accident, her right foot had been rotated inward from a birth issue (if she were standing on a clock dial, it would have been at about 10:45.)  After the surgery, the foot rotated out to about 1:15

 We released what God had shared with us for this woman, and then our team member went to work.  She knelt down next to the woman, laid hands on her knee, and commanded the pain to go and healing to come.  Both of them felt movement in the knee as tissues and structures shifted.  The pain lessened after the first bit of ministry.  Our team member ministered again, and the pain left ... the woman kept commenting it felt like she'd had a novicaine injection in her knee. 

 Our team member stood up, and then asked gently if the woman had ever forgiven the doctor who had misdiagnosed her and done the surgery.  She hadn't.  She'd kept her heart as clear as possible, but it never had dawned on her to forgive the doctor.  So she did.  And then our team member asked if she'd forgiven herself ... for the accident, for pushing too hard to recover afterwards ... and again the answer was "no."  And again, she forgave. 

 By this time the swelling had gone completely, and still no pain as she moved her knee to test it.  And her foot had come back to a normal position.  There were lots of tears ... all joy!  Great ministry by our team member, and a wonderful healing by our great God!

 A few days later another of our team members forwarded this Facebook post from the woman who came in for ministry ...

 "Total healing in Jesus name!
This is night four of a full sleep. Uninterrupted from any pain at all!;) zero!
Thanking God for his total healing and for blessing me through the awesome folks at Delta healing rooms with the area I needed to forgive to receive my blessing!;)
My God is awesome!"

 Our God is soooo good!