Daughter Speaks with God and Her Grandma's Stage 4 Cancer is Healed - Bethel

Heaven in Business, Bethel, Redding CA

Certain 82 year old mother of an Investment Banking CEO was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer that had progressed to stomach, lungs and liver. She was at the hospital doing biopsy and getting ready for treatment. Her whole family there in a depressed mood. CEO had a special needs daughter in her late teens. Daughter said “We need to pray for Grandma,” and made the whole family hold hands. She prayed, “God, you’ve got to fix Grandma.” That night the daughter stayed up until 2am talking to God about all the things Grandma still had to do. Next morning family goes to hospital all depressed but daughter bouncing around all happy. “Why are you so happy?” CEO asks his daughter. She says, “I stayed up until 2am and talked to God and He told me she would be ok.” They get to the hospital and all the cancer is gone. CEO is a mess, hugging, crying, overwhelmed….!