Salesman Prophecies Over Local Business and Weeks Worth of Sales Comes in Single Day Plus More Happens - Bethel

Bethel, Dream Culture, Redding CA - November 2013

Pet product Salesman felt a strong prompting from the Holy Spirit to personally visit a local business and prophesy over the owner, the employees, the business and the building. He obeyed and the business had a WEEKS worth of business sales in that very AFTERNOON.
About the same time in the city, a local man with no family died from the effects of alcohol addiction. The business owner and one of her employees had a friend of a friend type relationship with the local man. They both felt they were to arrange a small memorial service ( 4 to 5 expected to attend) for him. They invited the Pet Product Salesman to lead the memorial service (although he had never lead one before).
The three showed up to lead memorial service at a local apartment complex community center. Twenty other people showed up! At this point the Pet Product Salesman realized he was in way over his head. He spoke vulnerably in front of the group who had similar lifestyles to their deceased friend (substance addictions).
God's Presence manifest in a very tangible way touching many.
Pet Product Salesman started to share John 3:16 with them and suddenly could no longer remember it.
In unison the crowd of 20 completed the verse for him.
He then invited the crowd to receive Jesus as Lord and many of them responded either for the first time or in re-committing their lives to Christ.