Hearing Loss Restored, Dyslexia Repaired, and Traumatic Injury Healed - Bill Johnson - Bethel

Bethel Church, Dream Culture, Redding CA - November 2013 (testimony taken from Facebook post)

Two years ago in Springfield, Missouri, Bill Johnson prayed for a man who had dyslexia. He had stood up for hearing loss and felt like earwax was coming out of his ear. Then it sounded like the person by him was praying so loudly. The next word given was "traumatic injury" and also "dyslexia." Those were his problems, too. When his wife put her hand on his head, he could feel a band. He saw what was on his head was like a metal flowerpot with braces. Pastor Bill said to lift it off, and he did. Things got clear. He wondered if he was just excited. He didn't feel anything major at that moment. When he got in his van, the stereo was too loud. At home, he discovered the fridge was humming. He went to his desk and started reading and writing. He knew something had changed. The next morning, all the colors of the trees were vivid. Everything was vivid. He had to reread and take notes. Over time, he sees that his recall is amazing now. His writing ability has increased. He is now the pastor of a church. He loves getting white boards and drawing in front of the church. He realized that he used to live with shame not being able to spell things, so he would not write things in front of or for people. He loves writing on white boards in front of the church. That was not possible before.